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Levente Szabó

Levente Szabó, ballet photographer teaches fine art, ballet and portrait photography.


If you intend to develop your photography skills, then this is the best place for you!

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A comprehensive and useful posing guide in a PDF file that you can use during your photoshoots to improve your poses and guide your model.

The  Ultimate Posing Guide

- 35 unique poses I regularly use in my photo sessions.
- A wide variety of poses: standing, sitting, chair, floor,  etc.
- Precise directions on how to pose your clients.
- Composition highlights.
- Camera settings that I used in each photo.
- Light source information.
- FAQ part where I answer vital questions about location, fabric etc.

If you intend to improve and refine your skills on a top level.

You want to create your unique style.

If beside the practice, you are interested in the theory of lighting or working with models.

Simply you are interested in my editing process.

You would like to become outstanding among the photographers

You are interested in high - end retouching.

This Course is for you:

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